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GeoFiber is specifically created for the design and expansion of telecommunication networks. It automates to a high degree the process to deliver permit drawings, technical drawings and bills of material for construction purposes. GeoFiber uses complex algorithms to calculate the optimal paths. With a single web-based application, one can manage the full realm of network design projects, ranging from individual connections to large scale FttX networks.


GeoSmartDesign is an intuitive to use, web-based Geographical Information System, created specifically for physical infrastructural network designs. This includes (but is not limited to) water-, utilities-, and telecommunication networks.

This highly efficient and modularly built network design tool reduces the margins for human error, while increasing accuracy and quality of the design. An entire network can be designed in under an hour as the application integrates relevant spatial and non-spatial data sources into one view. This allows an algorithm to automatically generate new network connections based on relevant contextual spatial factors.

When the design is finished, output files such as technical and permit drawings can be generated automatically. Through seamless communication with in- and external systems, this highly innovative and efficient design application increases the chance to a ‘first time right’, while reducing overhead.